A Napa Valley Tradition


unique branded images captured over 10 photoshoots


Nation Point of Sale Campaigns concepted and executed


glasses of wine poured and counting


custom recipes developed


days spent wearing hard hats during harvest

Moments Made Sterling

We started work with Sterling in 2012 and developed what has become a lasting partnership. We have worked with the senior brand team to elevate the Sterling brand, to evolve their image, to generate positive PR and to introduce this timeless wine classic to a new generation of wine enthusiasts.

Sterling reminds us that there is something special to be savored—something memorable, something worth celebrating—in the everyday moments. With Sterling, we elevate everyday experiences into special occasions.


Bringing the elegance of the Red Carpet to at home entertaining was the goal of this National Sales Program. Through a limited addition pack, a high fashion photoshoot and point of sale that was designed to tell the story of an at home viewing party, we brought the Red Carpet to consumers.

Custom branded cork screws and ice buckets paired with our tips and tricks for entertaining at home made being a Sterling Red Carpet Host a breeze.

Our festive, limited edition pack for the Napa Valley 2012 was appropriately named THE CELEBRATION RED WINE. Everything about this wine including the label design was intended to encourage entertaining. If you look closely you will notice the foil ribbons that wrap the bottle, creating a pack dressed for the occasion.


Making Sterling Wines the trend for an elegant Mother’s Day Brunch in 2016 meant creating a scene that spoke to quality, tradition, style and a touch of glamour. We partnered with a top chef to design a custom mother’s day menu that paired perfectly with Sterling wines. We featured that menu as an added value piece and also used those dishes as the accessories for the on location photo shoot captured at an elegant Napa Valley home.

In addition we built out a National Point of Sale campaign that not only showcased the wines, but that brought to life the Mother’s Day experience for consumers around the country. The programmed served to inspire the Sterling consumer and set the stage for what hosting a Mother’s Day brunch in Sterling Style was all about.

Raise a glass and Cheers to Mom!