designed for you with mamas in mind


tweens polled in picking the winning package design


unique formulas were explored to land on these healthy, great smelling deodorants


key phrase grounded the creative, parent tested. tween obsessed.


planes boarded in the making of this brand, this one is all local, all the way!


organic orders placed in the first week

introducing not my mama's

Plenty of mom brands have smacked a youthful logo on their products to disguise them as designed for “you” BUT that’s all it is, your mama’s brand playing dress up. Let’s be honest, that’s just ridiculous. And worse, often times they are full of chemicals. This brand came to us with a passion to make a difference and set young girls out on a healthy, happy path from day one. We fell in love with their mission and jumped right in, crafting a brand experience that was worthy of the goals they had in mind.

a mark worth remembering. a brand that sticks.

Once we had landed on a name, we set out to generate the logo mark and brand identity this passionate brand deserved. A mark that was memorable and that could be ownable in this tween market. Something that was serious enough to carry the message behind the brand, but something that had a softer, even slightly playful side that would resonate with the tween consumer. The end result was a solid, lowercase typeset mark with an apostrophe that would serve as the playful accent throughout the branded materials.

From here a soft but strong color palette was selected. We needed colors that would appeal to a broad array of personalities and that would all play well together as we extended the brand to packaging and patterns and promo items that would leave consumers scrambling to collect them all.

A grab off the shelf worthy pack

When it comes to consumer package design, looks and functionality run a close race in the battle of importance. The product has to be visually appealing to the consumer, appealing enough to make them stop in their scanning the sea of options to pick it up and consider it for purchase. In this case we had to balance the discerning parent with the impressionable tween.

With this in mind we set out to create a design that felt both established and credible for the “parent” while maintaining an attractive look that would resonate with the tween consumer both in and out of the store. A fun look paired with a clever voice that appealed to the market.

Stepping into 3D

With the can design approved and the scents heading into months of formulation and fabrication before a final product would be in hand, we created opted for photorealistic renders to bring to life the brand. These assets were key in generating digital content leading up to the launch of the brand. It also proved instrumental in breathing life and credibility into the investor deck that was designed to catch the eye of those key individuals that had shown an early interest in the company.

Ready, Set, Launch!

As we approached the official launch date of the brand, we developed supporting collateral and tween worthy swag that would live outside the standard packaging they would receive in the mail. Those little nuggets of brand awareness that would work their way (fingers crossed) onto backpacks and into lockers in middle schools across the country.

getting social

With market research in hand, influencers interviewed and a gut notion of what this brand should look like in the world of social media, we set out to generate branded content for the not my mama’s team to use in engaging and attracting their consumer.

Starting with renders and moving into photoshoots as product started to roll in, we helped the brand create a feed that was bright, welcoming and F-U-N!

Let’s talk promos

A fun little promo goes a long way and with this demographic; the opportunity to have access to something special goes even farther. We partnered with the not my mama’s team to create a fifth scent, the “Selfie Stick” that would contain a revolving scent that consumers could unlock by collecting all four of the other deodorants.

This promo allowed us to step outside the standard label and play with a holographic treatment that created a “how did you get that” worthy look. On brand and on trend, this promotion set the stage for the brand to be relevant on both the health, all natural wave and the stylish one.

Custom Press Kits

With on-line orders rolling in and awareness growing, we got to work creating a press kit that would serve as both an influencer package and a sample to share with retailers that had expressed and interest in getting this brand into stores.

The press kit was a chance to wrap up all the highlights of the brand into a little booklet that would concisely communicate to the audience what the brand was all about. It was also a chance to create an experience for each individual that was selected to receive one of the custom kits.