Web Video Production

Videos. Videos. Videos.

They seem to be the wave of the future and are definitely the wave of the now. To be honest, it’s hard to find a digital platform that doesn’t make use of this dynamic form of story telling, and websites are certainly no exception. So the question isn’t “Are you using video to tell your story on your website?”, the question is “How often are you taking advantage of video to do the storytelling for you?”

Let’s think about the areas on your site, and how / why video is a compelling method for telling your story or conveying your message.

First off, everyone has a homepage, so let’s start there. Your homepage is the first place many people will ever truly interact with your brand. Where you have the most opportunity to hook your viewer and get them engaged with your brand platform is here as well. Video is primarily incorporated into the homepage in one of two ways:

1. As a background video. These shouldn’t distract from your overall message but rather add a layer of depth and visual interest that aids in conveying your message and ultimately helps drive it home.

2. As a short overview video. These should sum up in 60 seconds or less who you are, what you stand for, and why a viewer should be interested. If done well, these serve as your digital salesman, informing viewers and encouraging them to convert to an active part of your brand.

Then there is the good old case study section. Let’s be honest with one another. Reading a case study or testimonial is nice, but NOTHING compares to being able to see and hear a satisfied customer tell their story. It’s authentic and more tangible than text alone. Not to mention, the odds of holding a viewers attention long enough to actually convey your message is ten times more likely.

Next is the product and services section of your site. Consider it the meat of your site and what you are ultimately driving traffic to in hopes of making a conversion. For too long, company product and services pages have consisted of one or two photos plus a few hundred words of explanatory text. (Don’t be embarrassed if this is you. It has happened to the best of us.) Let’s rethink how we communicate our service offering, how we explain our products and how we educate customers on how to use those products and services. While much of this content at times may seem a bit “dry” when we put a creative spin on it through video you are all of a sudden engaged. You are learning about even the most basic of ideas.

Last but not least is the obligatory “ABOUT US” page. This section often highlights key members of your team or the history of your brand. The section that almost all sites have but not always a section viewers spend the most time engaging with. Instead of having your audience scrolling through pages of images, names and titles, why not try something that conveys a bit more of your brand personality. Something that helps you stand out among your competitors. Make yourself a good ole ‘About Us’ video that showcases your organization within 2-4 minutes. You should include on-camera interviews or voice overs, B-roll or projects, and a look at where you make it all happen. It’s a deep dive into who you are and what you offer. It’s more immersive than your ‘About Us’ page on your website ever could be because you can show what is being described and mentioned.

So, in a nut shell – why should you start thinking about adding video into your site?!

  • To personally connect with your audience
  • Show behind-the-scenes of your organization
  • Give visitors a reason to work with you
  • Sum up who you are and what you do in a few minutes
  • Entertain your audience while educating them