Wall Graphics + Furniture for Trilogy NYC

Branding Trilogy’s Office Space in NYC


Trilogy Education Services is a Continuing Education Program Manager for the world’s leading universities. They create and manage skills-based training programs that are university-run, student-tested, and employer-approved. Because of their core business, they take pride in the university partnerships they have fostered and maintained over the years. They came to us in order to help showcase those partnerships within their space.

Along with their need for showcasing test universities, a rapidly growing company resulted in a partnership with the campbell creative brand team and our brother furniture company GrainGloss. Together, we have developed the full furniture and graphics package you see featured throughout these images. We believe in creating uniquely branded experiences, which is just what we did within this NYC office space.

Behind the Scenes from the Installation:

Sometimes all hands on deck is what is required to get the job done. That’s just what we needed at this New York city install and we had a blast doing it.

Final Installation:

Trilogy furniture