FAMILY : Trade Gothic
STYLE : Gothic Sans Serif
DESIGNER : Jackson Burke
YEAR : 1948

Trade Gothic is a typeface that proves some old dogs have a few new tricks in them. Created by Jackson Burke in 1948, this gothic sans-serif has been a popular choice for magazines, books and other reading material. The typefaces large x-height and counter shapes help with readability. Over a period of two decades, Burke developed various additions to the Trade Gothic family, making it a popular choice in the design community for many years. In 2008 , Linotype developed a refined version of the typeface known as Trade Gothic Next. Today, both versions are is still used on the cover and in the pages of many books, as seen in the examples below.


You may have also spotted this beauty on the bottles in your local grocery store. The branding of Midnight Moon, Moonshine, seen here, is a particularly stunning example of the typefaces use.


And, of course, a classic American brand like Levi’s, deserves some classic American type. In their website and printed material, Levi uses Trade Gothic as a secondary typeface. An excellent pairing for their look and feel, with an added historical bonus. Trade Gothic will remain a favorite typefaces for many more generations so keep your eyes open for it!




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