FAMILY : Gotham
STYLE : Geometric Sans-serif
DESIGNER : Tobias Frere-Jones, Hoefler & Co.
YEAR : 2000

Inspired by the sans-serif lettering of 1920’s New York architecture, Gotham is a beautiful, modern typeface. The creator, Tobias Frere-Jones grew up in NYC. He had developed a fondness for the “no-nonsense”, clean lettering around him and thus emulated that style in his typeface. It was designed to have the readability of other highly-geometric typefaces—a face with engineering-like precision—while retaining a friendly feel. Fun Fact: It was originally commissioned by GQ magazine.

Gotham has made quite the splash in the world since it’s release, 15 years ago. It is a simple, efficient typeface that works great for many applications including print, web, environments, and more. Now that you’re in the know, we promise you’ll spot it everywhere! Just check out a few of these great examples…

Recently, the USPS refreshed their packaging and brand identity. When searching for the ideal typeface to use on their forms and labels, they discovered the perfect fit in Gotham.


If you happen to be in Spain, first drop us a postcard and then wander over to the Public Library in Camp de l’Arpa, Barcelona to see some gorgeous examples of Gotham in wayfinding signage.


Your favorite late-night sketch comeday show, Saturday Night Live, is another lover of Gotham. Check out those credits!


And last but certainly not least, a familiar brand that is close to our hearts is also using Gotham. In our recent refresh we went bold with color and type. If you want to know more, check out our refresh blog post here. It’s a pretty hot read…If we do say so ourselves. 😉





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