STYLE : Modern-Style Serif
DESIGNER : Hoefler & Co.
YEAR : 1991

Continuing on a similar theme as our last Type Tribute (Gotham) we have chosen another swoon-worthy typeface that was created for a magazine redesign. …But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we look at current examples, we must go back a couple hundred years to the origin of this story. In the 18th century, two of the most well-known historical type creators, Firmin Didot and Giambattista Bodoni, worked to develop a unique modern style of type with flat-line serifs and extremely high contrast between thick and thin line elements. Both men created many beautiful typefaces in their lifetimes. Didot’s namesake became a popular choice for book prints as seen below on the pages of “Oeuvres” by Jean Racine, published in 1799.


Didot’s typeface held strong through the centuries and in 1991 it was remastered by Hoefler & Co. when they were asked to create a typeface for the revamp of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. As you probably already know, Bazaar is a high-fashion women’s magazine that blends modern trends with classic elegance. For this, Hoefler & Co. created many new characters and weights of the Didot family, to use from large scale to small. The ultra-thin serifs of the Bazaar logotype are a perfect representation of the edgy, yet refined nature of the magazine.


Since it’s remastering, Didot HTF, has maintained it’s popularity. Most recently you may have spotted it at your local theater on this stunning poster for the sci-fi film, “Interstellar”.


Or perhaps in you spotted it in the mailbox after it was featured by the USPS “Nature of America” collectable stamp series. The age and grace of this typeface makes it a perfect candidate for any tribute piece. When you need a font to convey centuries of class with a modern appeal… look no further than Didot HTF.




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