TV + Commercial Production

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Let us share with you the broadcast commercial shoot we concepted and produced for our friends at grow financial. It was an exciting challenge and one that we enjoyed every step of the way. While you are taking a look at the finished videos, let us share a bit with you about what went into making these light hearted spots.

Pre-Production : It all started from a single idea

As with any marketing project, a good amount of brainstorming, creative and client meetings, and late nights staring at the ceiling are endured before you find yourself hammering out exactly what direction you want to go with the message you need to convey. Your overall objectives must be clear. For us, we start with answering these questions in some of our first creative meetings:

• What is your message?
• When and where will these be airing?
• What is your budget?
• Will you be integrating other forms of media?
• Who is your target audience?
• How will you measure success or failure?

Once the big idea is has been hashed out and everyone is on board with the direction we are heading, we get to work creating story boards with our designers and copywriters. Storyboards are an integral part of the creative and development process. They map out the entire vision for each spot, bringing to life the creative concept in a much more tangible way. Story boards also make it easy for the client to envision what the spot might look like, and they help the creative team determine how the ad will come together.

Production : Let’s make magic

If pre-pro has all gone well, production (while at times intense) should be smooth sailing. To us, it works like a well orchestrated dance – each person having their role and responsibility to bring the vision to life. From what goes on in front of the camera to ensuring yummy snacks are always available, keeping spirits high and belly’s full is a key part of ensuring you have a winning outcome with any project.

Post-Production : Wrapping it all up!

After the shoot is complete, the production team heads into editing, dubbing, and musical scoring. All of these aspects of the project were already approved by the client in the pre-production phase of the project so most of it happens behind the scenes at this point. Once the music is laid in, those little sound effects are added and the voice over is adjusted, we are ready to get a first look in front of the client.

Getting it out there!

When working with a TV commercial, go big or go home. Consider integrating your TV advertisement with other forms of media such as print, online videos, and social media to get the most bang for your buck! Once you have captured the footage, get creative with how you can utilize it as much as possible to both stretch that budget of yours and also to reach as many viewers across different platforms as you can.

Think you might be in the market for a spot or two? Let’s talk!