Trilogy Education Services – NYC Office Branding

It’s a new day
and a new way of working
for the teams in the Trilogy New York office.

Let’s take a tour of the latest Trilogy space.
We partnered with their team to generate an exciting new space for the New York team. We have designed custom furniture solutions to concepting unique branded environments. We had the challenge of aligning their goals for their floorplan with their density requirements. We have partnered with the team at Trilogy to generate another memorable space worth talking about.

From the moment you walk onto the floor, you know you have entered the world of Trilogy Education Services. Every element within the space speaks to their brand, supports their culture and meets a need. The instant welcome to the space created by the custom reception desk proves no element is accidental. It features a dimensional logo backed with a custom felt paneling that serves to absorb noise in a branded way. No space is untouched down to their doors to the bathrooms. Their brand is interwoven throughout their space creating an environment that is functional, intentional and motivating for staff.

We started with a floorplan and intentionally laid each element into the space, one element building on the other to design a space that created an experience for everyone within it. From flooring to lighting to paint to graphics to furniture to the layout itself, Trilogy NYC is the result of a passionate team and a thoughtful design.

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