Trilogy – Canada Office Expansion


Welcome to Canada


OH, Canada. As Trilogy keeps expanding, we are excited to be on this wild ride with them. This is now their 7th office space we have partnered with them to brand from start to finish. From selecting the paint, to picking out the flooring, to designing the custom wallpapers, signage and furniture, we helped them with every step of the process as they got into their new office up and running.

As we designed this location, the first outside the U.S., we wanted to make sure it had a little spark of its own. Hockey is obviously quite a big deal for these good ole Canadians so we thought, why not bring it into their space! And what better way to bring that to life then to give them their very own custom hockey wallpaper designed specifically for their lounge. Equipped with their own bubble hockey table (coming in phase 2 of installation in a few months) this space is a great place to relax, recharge, and enjoy some time with your peers.

As we opened this office in Canada, we wanted to stay true to the Trilogy brand we had established within the first six locations and ensure we created the same culture within these office walls. We built in plenty of space for writeable walls to engage and strategize, breakout spaces for the the team to toss around ideas on how to improve their process, to challenge the norm and we trickled the core values of the brand throughout, serving as a red thread tieing the entire experience together.

Things that threw us off at first: exchange rate, actual Canadian dollar (did you know there are no $1 and $2 bills?!), and the metric system. Don’t worry we got it all figured out VERY quickly. 


As we finalized the space, we made sure to add a few little things, some personality items that only their team would recognize and appreciate. While we can’t disclose what “CTOS” means, it’s funny and definitely unique. And of course, we couldn’t leave the lounge without adding in some hockey pucks : the Toronto Maple Leafs for the home team and Florida Panthers as a reminder of where it all began.

We love working with our vendors and team up in Toronto and creating another memorable experience. Stay tuned for phase 2!