Trilogy: Boca Raton, FL Branded Space

You may have seen our graphics in our more recent blog for Trilogy’s NYC Office Space.

Well, as Trilogy Education Services keeps growing, our partnership keeps growing. We just wrapped out another space for them. This time it led us to branding a 9800 square foot space in Boca Raton, FL. Our brother furniture companies GrainGloss and 360 Degrees joined us on this one too to bring the whole space together.

So how did this all work exactly? While Campbell Creative designed all of the wall graphics and signage, GrainGloss branded the space with furniture including custom options, and 360 Degrees made sure all of the walls were painted and floors were installed to make sure their space had a cohesive look.

It’s always fun to watch a company grow, it’s even more fun building relationships with not only the point-of-contacts but with the actual employees. Their employees were truly appreciative and excited about their new space. Positive feedback always makes for one of the best projects.

Check out more photos from this project below and our Facebook!