Develey: TigerTail Branding

It’s always fun when a unique brand with a unique product walks in our door. So, when we were awarded the opportunity to partner with the Develey brand to bring to life their German mustard label in the US market, we could not have been any more excited. I mean how often is it that you get the chance to position a successful International Brand within the US market? On top of that, get to truly jump in on the ground level. Writing the brand story, crafting the vision and determining the look of the brand for future consumers was a few items we got to work on.

Develey Brand History

Most of you have likely never heard of Develey. So, here is a quick look at this German brand. From small beginnings in 1845, this family owned company has extended its Bavarian roots. Today, it is one of the leading producers of mustards, dressings, and sauces in Europe. They export to more than 65 countries worldwide. Develey has grown substantially since the 70s. Today, there are 17 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries. This includes the first U.S. facility established in Dyersburg, Tennessee!​

TigerTail Brand

So, how did we bring to life the USA version of Develey? Well, it all started with a few trips to Tennessee for some amazing BBQ, great conversation, and a full submersion into the brand. We discovered who they wanted to become here in the US market. Understanding what they stood for, who they wanted to target and how they wanted to go to market allowed us to jump in and truly partner with them to generate the TigerTail brand.

We started with the story behind the brand and how we would position TigerTail to consumers across the country. Then we created the logo mark, packaging and supporting brand elements. These were created to put TigerTail’s best “food” forward in the marketplace. This included extending the original Mustard line to BBQ sauces, Ketchup, Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings.


At the same time that the recipes were being finessed and the packaging was being finalized, the full Develey plant was being built in Dyersburg. The completion of the plant gave us the opportunity to bring the brand to life within their physical space. From space planning, to custom furniture to overall design – they now have a space that speaks to their brand. It allows them to function at their highest capacity.