Summer Pantone Style

Check out how Pantone does summer! It’s definitely left us itching to pack our bags and snag a ticket to Monaco to join in on the fun.

This summer the Grimaldi Forum is hosting the world’s first (of what we hope is MANY MORE) Pantone color–coordinated eatery, where each item on the menu is matched with a specific hue. Doesn’t that just get your inner designer excited! Its slogan — “Taste the colors” — translates perfectly into a menu that plays on the brand’s signature color codes pairing signature treats that delight the palette with vibrant colors.

Architectural Digest was lucky enough to check out the cafe in person. “The Pantone Cafe has a full menu featuring sandwiches, salads, pastries, and cocktails. Some items are named after the color of an ingredient—for instance, 19-1625 Pistachio Green for a pistachio éclair. Or the Pantone color may refer to a brand’s signature hue, such as 17-6153 Heineken Green. No matter what you order from the café, you’re sure to enjoy both beautiful color and great food.” That sounds like a situation we would love to get in on!


According to Pantone’s press release, the Pantone Cafe allows you to “color coordinate your lunch and taste the colors.” Put us down for  “an 18-1660 Tomato Red Mozzarella White, an 11-0414 Vanilla Ice, and a 032 Coca Cola Red, please.”

And check out this instagram!!! Yes please!Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.50.42 PM