Stoli’s Window Displays


That is the passionate battle cry for Stoli Vodka and what they stand behind as a brand and as a vodka. It’s also what we were tasked at bringing to life in the Stoli holiday windows around the country.


That’s what we are asking consumers across america to do this season. This time not with Point of Sale or Social Campaigns but with large format window graphics and dimensional displays. We partnered with the brand to take their hero creative and create impactful window displays. These are meant to attract their consumer and inspire them to purchase Stoli while still respecting the budgets put in place. Our steps including field measurements and site visits to concepting and design all the way through to fabrication and installation. We continue to serve as Stoli’s one-stop-shop for window displays.

The end result was impactful, bold window displays that speak to the Stoli brand platform and the consumer they are aligning with.

Take a look around town and you might just see one of our windows reminding you to MAKE IT LOUD AND CLEAR that your choice this season for Vodka is Stoli!