Spring Cleaning for the Creative

Flowers are blooming, the skies are nice and blue, the air is the PERFECT TEMPERATURE. Breathe it in! Yeah, that’s right. Makes you just wanna… clean All The Things, doesn’t it?


Here at Campbell Creative, we’ve got a spring-cleaning list of our own. Check it:


1. Declutter that desktop. All those files? Just dump ’em into some folders that make sense. There. That’s better!


2. Freshen up your desktop with happy spring wallpaper.


spring wallpapers

(a) RAWR through your day with this lilly pulitzer pattern  (b) this pineapple party from the wonder forest (c) this floral wash by our heiday (d) this dreamy cloudscape from yao cheng via DESIGN LOVE FEST (e) say hello to spring with this wallpaper from cocorrina (f) YOLO all day long

3. We’ve talked about this before, but now is a great time to organize those files! Maybe even get out and buy a new hard drive. There’s nothing like the clean, formatted space of a fresh drive.


4. Get some fresh flowers on your desk. Send ’em to yourself–because if you can’t love yourself, how can you ever love anyone else? If you’re in the Bay Area, Bloom That is a great way to revamp your desk with some fresh blooms and fast. We love their branding and their app just as much as their flowers and friendly service!

bloom that 3


5. Clear your MIND with a proper get-away. Here at Campbell Creative, we take our happy selves over to the Carneros Inn when we need to do some proper ideating! Stay-cations are where it’s at.