Something’s Brewing at Saltwater Brewery

It’s #americancraftbeerweek and we’ve been celebrating at our new local favorite SALTWATER BREWERY. This local watering hole not only has some thirst quenching brews, they’re leaving their mark on the world with some BIG ideas.


So, with that being said, as we celebrate Friday by kicking back and enjoying an ice-cold one with our new friends here at SWB… We thought we’d let you in on their latest move that’s making waves nation wide. This laid-back crew is living out their brand mission of giving back to the ocean with one heck of an invention! They partnered with WeBelievers to create the first edible six-pack ring for beer cans! (Not so much for us humans to eat- although I’m sure you can – it’s for marine life, mostly those adorable sea turtles to snack on instead of being trapped in)


How AMAZING is that?


Not only are they making some tasty beers, they are saving the ocean with one can at a time! And guys, they’ve only been open since December 2013! If year three has them impacting oceans all around the world…. We can’t what to see what year four brings. Meanwhile, we’re gonna keep loving this brand and loving that everything they do comes back to their love of the ocean, from the names of each beer to the team of Floridians running the joint.


It’s just our humble little opinion but… in a market that seems to be free flowing with craft beers, it’s hard for some brands to find the loyalty they’re craving. We think Saltwater Brewery made just the type of splash you need to make your brand memorable and drive those new consumers to hunt you out! It’s pretty hard to not stop and notice a brand that’s being unique in all aspects while doing what they love, and influencing others along the way.


When you think of ‘craft beer’ you think of small, loyal, unique and innovation. We think they’ve nailed it!


Look them up! Snag a beer and keep an eye out for some of our team, belly to the bar, sipping on a cold strawberry cider with laptop in tow.