Social Fresh Conference

Ohhh, Social Media. Can’t live with it one day, can’t live without it the next day.
The world of social is constantly changing and you gotta keep up – {insert, Campbell Creative}
We drove a few hours to our Florida neighbor, Orlando, for a few days to catch up on all things social at the Social Fresh Conference. Spending 4 days at a conference like this is a sure fire way to get you PUMPED up and inspired for some fun posts and ideas for your company. There was so much information (like… a lot) and so little time!
Some still see social media in the business place as a laughable position. Unfortunately, if you aren’t incorporating social media into your everyday business strategy, you are probably the one that is being laughed at (of course, WE wouldn’t dare do that – but your competitors might be). Don’t get us wrong, not EVERY platform is needed for every business. In fact, if you are on facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, periscope, youtube, google+ (… and the list goes on), you are probably hurting yourself. So, how do you know which platforms to throw all of your energy towards managing? If you are struggling to keep up with your accounts, try focusing on your top two platforms your target audience is utilizing. Therefore, if you are spread too thinly and can’t manage them properly, it will show and more than likely damage your credibility.
“Every time your brand communicates through any social media, you’re either adding value or taking up space – you’re either enhancing your image or damaging it.” – Sally Hogshead. 
Attention and relevance are two pretty BIG factors in social content. Just because you have entertaining content to post, doesn’t necessarily mean you should **DISCLAIMER – if it’s of a dog or baby, PLEASE post it** Entertaining doesn’t always equal effective. With all the content being produced these days, 3 in 4 global executives admit sometimes feelings confused or overwhelmed by the volume of content they encounter. The attention of the consumer has diminished and most companies are posting what THEY want to see, not focusing on their end target (read: QUIT posting about YOU and think about what your customers actually want).
Also, in case you were wondering, if you should spend some more time creating video – the answer is yes – ABSOLUTELY. Yes, Yes, Yes. However, even though it would probably be really FUN, ‘going viral’ should not be your main goal. I mean, if you happen to go viral, that would be awesome. Just don’t try too hard, because it will be seen as, well, trying too hard. Here is a statistic that just simply blows our mind –  The amount of video uploaded in one month is more than all 3 primary U.S. tv networks combined have created in 30 years. I’m sorry, WHAT?
If you are stumped on relevant content, grab quotes from the CEO, managers, those people who are passionate for the brand. Look internally for your content first; look to volunteers, interns, donors, partners, sponsors. Think about the value you can give back to your consumers and how you are different than your competitors.
Basically our job in the social media world is to make your UNBORED while making you want to come back for more – a sense of loyalty. We hope to accomplish this by constantly keeping up with all types of trends, including the social ones.