Brand Story Video – THE RESET

Have you ever wondered how some things just get from point a to point b? Well, we are letting in you on how we created The Reset’s Brand Story video.

First, there was the brainstorming of how to tell the story of the brand in a way that was unique, authentic and economical. This is a startup brand and every penny counts. Telling the story in a way that wouldn’t break the bank was the the first parameter we needed to stay within. Then, there was the essence of the brand itself that was important to convey. Lastly, but definitely up there in importance, was staying true to the authenticity and honesty of this brand. That’s how we landed on doodles… it’s how it all began. This brand was an idea one woman had, doodled out and then brought to life. While not quite that simple at every step of the process, the concept provided the perfect foundation for a playful, unique brand video.

The process from concept through creation entails a lot of fun drawings on a whiteboard. Next, these drawings were photographed and converted to illustrations by our designers, printed and filmed in studio. Watch these three videos to see how we created this brand story video from start to finish.


Behind the Scenes of Drawing the Illustrations:


Behind the Scenes of Video Shoot:


Final Brand Story Video:


As we are sure you can tell, this was one of those projects we all had a lot of laughs bringing to life. From our doodles on the whiteboard to capturing the brand story on video, we like to have some fun. Sometimes you just need to see the behind the scenes of a project (bright orange socks on set and all) to understand how it all comes together for a brand.