Renee Phillips Web and Photography

Introducing Renee Phillips.

Our favorite processed based artist.

When Renee initially came to us looking for a partner to help her with her website, we were thrilled with the opportunity to bring such a natural and organic form of art into the digital space. However, to be fair, at that moment we were barely scratching the surface of truly how amazing this artist and her artwork was and what a joy it would be to discover more about her process and artwork over the weeks that would follow. Renee wasn’t just looking for a pretty site to showcase her amazing artwork, she wanted a platform to tell her story and the story of her artwork; a space where she could inform her audience of what it means to be a process based artist and what goes into creating the amazing artwork they are viewing in the finished pieces.


The Website

It didn’t take long before we realized that the key to allowing people to appreciate Renee’s artwork through her site was the imagery. Our job was to create a digitally gallery in which her beautiful artwork is the hero and can speak for itself. This vision for her site resulted in our team leaning into the natural, authenticity of hand created elements. As you scroll through the pages of Renee Phillips Design, you will see handwritten titles, photography showcasing the texture and detail of the artwork, and stroked of paint interwoven throughout.

The Photography

It was a true pleasure to get the opportunity to photograph Rewenee’s studio in Manhattan, capturing not only the elegance and details of her finished paintings but also allowing her audience to have a glimpse into where the magic happens. Our slightly chilly morning (ok it was freezing) in NYC left us longing for more time spent in bright studios surrounded by amazing color and texture. Below are just a few of the images captured that day.

The Finishing Touch

When we got back to our office and were sorting through the images trying to choose the winners we couldn’t just put these on her site, we knew there had to be somewhere else these images could live within the world. The end result was a set of notecards featuring different pieces of Renee’s artwork. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a piece of her artwork, you will see one of these cards in person.


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