Rebranding Delray Beach Boxing



Judge this book by its cover

It’s not every day that we get asked to partner with a Boxing Club, I mean, who are we kidding…  it’s probably more like once in a lifetime that someone comes knocking at your door to ask for help repositioning their boxing gym into a social house. So when that opportunity came a-knocking, we were all in!

From that day forward we have jumped into this project with both feet, learning all we can about boxing as a sport : interviewing trainers, meetings with professional boxers and taking a few private boxing classes ourselves to learn technique, form and etiquette for boxing. From there, we coupled that new-found knowledge with what the owners described for their vision of the future club. Then we got to repositioning this gym as an elite Boxing Club / Social House. The end result is Cornerman Social. An elite fitness club with a members only bar.


If you are in the south Florida market, make it a point to stop by this one of a kind establishment. If jumping into the ring seems a little intense for your first visit (we hear you, we thought the same) then pop into the bar for a drink or two and take it all in. We promise, you will soon find yourself sharing in the addiction.