Ready, Set, Cocktails

Thank you Frangelico for inviting us to Cocktail Heaven

When it comes to a few good days of photoshoot fun, we are always game. When you add in some amazing people, a killer mixologist and some yummy cocktails you pretty much can’t keep us away. This two day cocktail shoot for Frangelico was an art director’s dream with each moment being filled with glorified food porn when it came to the images being captured and each night wrapping out with a few quirky set jams and a drink in hand.

So how did we get so lucky to find ourselves surrounded by beautiful cocktails for two days?

Well, it started with a some solid brain storm sessions over a few yummy cocktails and ended with a strategy for getting this old school favorite back at the forefront of bartender and consumers minds. One key deliverable to make this plan a reality, was educating the market about all the ways you can work with this delicious liquid and to do that, we not only needed some killer cocktails but we needed some visuals to accompany those recipes.

A few weeks of planning and two days of shooting later, we had the assets we needed to build out both a consumer and bartender program. Keep your eyes out as you peruse the local liquor store and you just might see a recipe booklet dangling from the neck of a Franny bottle. Take a flip through and you will not only be inspired by the images you see, but you will have the recipes you need to release your inner bartender.

frangelico-on-white-finished-mix frangelico-on-white-finished-mojito frangelico-on-white-finished-frannyfrangelico-on-white-finished