Product Renders

Renders bring to life the notion of the saying :

“Fake it till you Make It”
in a whole new way!

Today, we live in a “needed it yesterday” sort of world which doesn’t lend itself well to the world of package design. Packaging takes time to produce so having a final product to shoot is often times months away. When working with our clients to bring to life packaging for their brands, we find ourselves in a scenario where hero visuals are needed long before the final product has been produced and is ready to photograph. When this happens, we find ourselves leaning into renders to bring to life the product in a way that is authentic, engaging and most importantly looks real! Hence the Fake it ’till you make it concept.

For us, because of the nature of our clients and what these renders are often used for, it is crucial that we generate renders that bring to life the product in a visually compelling way. To put it simply, the more photorealistic the better. We have spent years finessing our process so that our renders capture that true photorealistic style that leaves the line between rendered and reality slightly blurred.

Whether it is a product on white for a client’s online shop, a hero visual for an investor deck or a product image that will be photoshopped into a lifestyle shot to create the perfect point of sale display, the quality of the render is of utmost importance. Take a look at some of these samples to see the magic come to life.

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