Pour me a glass of Franny

Hello, Frangelico!
What a fun new addition to our bar you have become. And to think all these years we thought Frangelico was like Bailey’s…. (shhh don’t tell anyone we thought that :). When we were asked to partner with the Frangelico team to help style some cocktails, we were thrilled to take on the challenge. First step was getting some images would speak to a modern day entertainer. Ok, so maybe the first REAL step was getting our hands on a bottle and figuring out what this lovely liquor they refer to as “Franny” was all about).
Then we got to work.
We pulled together a brief that would deliver images that looked inspiring but attainable… something that said “Yeah, I thought about this” but not “Yeah, you’re gonna need a PHD in Mixology to make this at home.” We took off across the city pulling props from some of our favorite little hidden gems and a few from our own bar. Then we jumped into a non-stop, hands-on, always-fun 2-day shoot to make the magic happen.
Andddd since we figured some others might not know the magic that Frangelico can add to their bar, we thought we’d share out a few of the recipes we got to sample over the next few days over on Instagram (@campbellcreative).
Happy Drinking!