Perrier-Jouet Window Displays: Miami + NYC


A Look Behind The Window Displays


Have you ever walked past a storefront and wondered how those mesmerizing window displays come to life? We’ve spent the last couple of months finessing displays to activate windows from Miami to New York and we can tell you, it takes a lot of design, coordination and some serious math. But Perrier-Jouet’s end result was nothing short of amazing!

We worked with Perrier-Jouet in two different markets, Miami and NYC, to design and build out storefront window displays for key accounts. While there was a lot of logistics involved, these window displays were instant gratification once they were installed. Each market had different design elements to bring the displays to life. Miami had a more gold, white and tropical pattern. Whereas, NYC shows grass and moss with accents of gold.

We traveled to each market and worked with the store managers to field measure the windows and understand the needs of each specific store. We then took the overall theme from Perrier-Jouet for each market and designed each window to fit their dimensions and specific needs. Depending on the size of the window, some windows consisted of a single window graphic while others were a full dimensional display including boxes, bottles and 3D signage.

As our designs were approved, we sent the displays into production and got them installed in each location. If you are in NYC or the Miami area, keep an eye out for these window displays as you walk the town and be sure to stop in and pick you up some Perrier-Jouet!