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Designed for you, with mamas in mind.

not my mama’s is creating a new generation of products that are better, safer, smarter, more fun and most importantly, designed with tweens and teens in mind. When their founder set out to launch a new brand with the core goal of starting girls out on the right path with healthy, all natural products – we were thrilled that she chose to partner with us to bring her vision to life.

Once we had landed on a name, we set out to generate the logo mark and brand identity that this company deserved. A mark that was memorable and that could be ownable in this tween market. Something that was serious enough to carry the message behind the brand. Also, something that had a softer, even slightly playful side that would resonate with the tween consumer. The end result was a solid, lowercase typeset mark with an apostrophe that would serve as the playful accent.

What’s their story?

Well, read it for yourself. Here is the brand story we created for this amazing brand that is changing the future for the next wave of females.

First things first, we have nothing against mamas. In fact, we couldn’t love all the mamas out there any more if we tried, we are mamas after all. But, with that being said, our products just aren’t for them. They are for YOU. We realized, (and we’re honestly quite shocked), that after all these years no one had come along and created a brand for you, the daughters. Yes, plenty of mom brands may smack a logo on their product to disguise it as designed for you BUT that’s all it is, your mama’s brand with a costume on. And, well that’s just ridiculous, so with you in mind, we set out to make a change. not my mama’s is creating a new generation of products that are better, safer, smarter, fun and most importantly, YOURS.

Our products are made with the purest intentions because we’re obsessed with getting the next generation of girls started out with a product line not only made for them (and not their mamas) but made right and made for FUN.

So, moms (and dads) and daughters, when curiosity kicks in around your house, and you find yourself scanning the internet looking for an answer, we hope that you find not my mama’s ready and waiting to welcome you into the next phase of life with confidence, quality and fun.

Making mamas cooler every day.

Deodorants with Personality

When it comes to consumer product design, looks and function run a close race to who is most important. The product has to be visually appealing to the consumer. In this case, both a parent and a tween, which is a broad range compared to other consumer goods.

With this in mind we set out to ensure the design felt established and credible for the “parent”. We maintained a fun look paired with a clever voice that appealed to the tween.

Preparing for Launch

As we approached the official launch of the brand, we developed supporting collateral. We designed tween worthy swag that would live outside the package they received in the mail. From fun little pics, to water bottles, and school worthy pouches, we created supporting materials that would keep the buzz going for the brand well after the box arrives.

Only The Good Stuff #otgs

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