Mumm Napa – Summer Photoshoot


When you get to pair two of your favorite things together for a social shoot, you really realize most days your job is a dream come true. Of course, it’s not every day that we get asked to spend the day in sunny south Florida shooting Sparkling wine, soaking up the sun. When Mumm Napa came asking, you can be sure we didn’t hesitate to say Y-E-S please!


From scouting locations, to sourcing props, to the shoot itself this project has been all sunshine and smiles. Of course, there was work involved as there is with every shoot. There were days spent brainstorming and planning and sourcing and planning some more. But, when you are preparing for a shoot like this even the prep days are a blast. Take a look at how our team took two good things and made some great images for the Mumm Napa social channels.


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