Mixin’ it Up with Frangelico : Cocktail Recipe Videos

Earlier this year, we were asked to produce a series of videos that would showcase some incredible new recipes created by the team at Frangelico. This hazelnut liqueur is really starting to make a comeback in cocktails that are fresh and now and we wanted to make sure at least some of the new favorite recipes circling around in the mixology world were easy to share!
We decided to shoot these videos at Kimball House in Atlanta, an exquisite space offering just the “vintage yet modern” feel we were after. We’ve had many a wrap drinks here, so it was fun to have an excuse to come back and shoot something in a space we have grown to love. The rich wood bar, the large windows, the 1920s style decor,and… the ICE! Oh, how we were swooning for their ICE! Big, beautiful blocks of ice, perfectly cubed ice, crushed ice… gorgeous.
This shoot turned out to be a fast-paced, energy filled, masterpiece of a day in and of itself, as we captured six recipes in six hours. Thankfully, our bar tender was ready to rock! We shot these spots with two cameras to ensure no quality was compromised or moments were lost as we ran through the day: one camera locked off for close-ups, and one camera on a parallax slider. In an effort to gain efficiencies and to ensure consistency in each shot, we shot these videos out of order — the overhead intro shots we captured in the morning to take advantage of that gorgeous morning light, then we moved into the process shots, then the hero shots for each drink, and we wrapped out with the recipes so that we could break down our set while the restaurant folks were getting the place ready for a bustling night.
After the shoot, the finely orchestrated plan continued as we moved into animation. We boarded out every video to ensure our animation team could read the minds of our directors. While we were in animation, our composer built the music with just enough foley work (real life sounds like ice in the glass, stirring, etc.) to make you feel like you were there. Since we didn’t run sound on set, all of our environmental sounds were created in post, which is a piece of sound design that always blows me away!
It’s always a treat to get to work on a project from boards to final delivery. Owning every step creates efficiencies for the client and it makes the creative tight and consistent. We couldn’t be more pleased with how these videos turned out.
We hope you’ll take a minute to watch one or all of them! And as a little side note, of COURSE we made time to do just the teeniest bit of sampling on set, and our crew can vouch for the yum factor of each of these cocktails. Try your own hand at some of these — you won’t be disappointed!