Loving the Island Life

We’d like to introduce you to one of our new favorite brands we’ve discovered after opening our doors here in Sunny South Florida.


Basically we sort of just fell in love with their overall brand positioning :
Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never Return.

I mean that sounds like livin’ the dream to us… of course, thankfully, we really like our jobs so we are thinking we’re going to ever so slightly modify what Spencer Antle, Founder and Creative Director of Island Company, said and Pack Our Laptops 🙂

To be honest, some of us have known about Island Company for a little while, but with our recent move to south Florida, we (our wallets) have spent some extra time with them. Here is a bit of context for this entrepreneurial brand. Spencer started his company after his then-girlfriend couldn’t find a bikini that either of them liked. Sounds way too familiar for the majority of us, if I do say so myself. So like any good boyfriend, he started making bikinis and selling them from his car across the US and Caribbean. And just like that, this tropical lifestyle brand was born and it found it’s forever home here in West Palm Beach, FL.

Over the years the brand has become somewhat of a status symbol for those in the “know” around the tropics. But that isn’t by accident. This brand is a testament to the power of a strong, consistent brand message and strategically aligning your brand with like-minded companies (in this case, trendy boutiques across the world).  That strategy has evolved into brick + mortar locations popping up in ocean side towns that we might just have to visit for a little more “brand research”. The Island Company never stops subtly reminding us that everyone ought to be on vacation. From their prints and patterns to the names of their sunscreen (the “local”, the “islander”, the “traveler”, and the “tourist”), a touch of subtle caribbean style remains true. Their fun prints and pretty colors aren’t just for shirts and bathing suits any more either. As the brand thrived, it evolved into a company that offers loyal  shoppers the whole shebang for on and off the beach so that we always feel like we are on vacation.

So now that we have confessed our inner “island company obsession” …. take a look for yourself! You just might find us pulled up to the bar sipping on a mai tai in a store this summer. (yes we did say IN a store 🙂