Kombucha Cocktails

Kombucha Cocktails

Healthy, Happy, Hangover free cocktailing.

Yes. That’s a thing. Meet Kombucha Cocktails. They are a brand you are going to want to know… especially if you are into that whole ‘work hard play hard’ adult life thing, but have no room for a hangover. AND, if given the choice, you really ARE trying to eat / drink a little healthier these days, consider this an added little bonus.

The founders of KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS came to us in search of a partner to help bring their idea to life. From the foundation of the brand essence through to the logo and supporting brand assets, we created a brand that was both impactful on shelf and true to the roots of the original mission of the brand.

So what’s the story? Well, here’s where we landed.

KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS is the culminating work of genius that happened when four friends with a passion for craft spirits decided to throw some ginger kombucha into a classic Dark & Stormy. That was our lightning
bolt moment. A light and refreshing drink that is also low in calories and sugar? Yes, please! Finally, a way to enjoy a cocktail without disrupting the balance of living your best life.

We knew others (YOU) would also appreciate the brilliant alchemy of KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS, which is why we perfected our recipes and packaged them into individual cans for you to enjoy anywhere you want.

Why kombucha? Well, unlike other mixers, kombucha is full of pro-biotics and antioxidants. Our small batch brewed kombucha is not only gluten-free, but it’s also free from added sugars, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Pair all of this with some premium craft spirits and you have a cocktail that tastes good now and feels good tomorrow.

Our killer cocktails are packed with incredible natural flavor, and since they come in trusty cans, you never have to compromise. (If only the rest of life was this easy.) On the boat. In the golf cart. On the beach. Into a hangover-free tomorrow. You can enjoy KOMBUCHA COCKTAILS wherever life takes you.

Look, you’ve evolved. You’re a responsible, exercising, bill-paying, dinner-partying, standup person who just wants to feel GOOD…even after a drink (or two).
Isn’t it time that your cocktail caught up to you? We think so.

Establishing the Brand Identity

After aligning on the brand story and refining our target consumers that we truly wanted this brand to engage with, we set out to create the logo that would serve as the visual foundation for the brand.
We wanted to create a logo that was bold, easily recognizable and that contained a little “aha” moment…. oh and of course that you could read! We landed on the logo you see here. The “U” in the logo mark represents the Tab on the can (that we would later color to match the logo). The logo is designed to be bold with subtle organic edges within the typeface. The ratio of kombucha to cocktails is intentional, representing the 2/3 to 1/3 ratio that is found within the canned cocktails. 2/3 kombucha 1/3 cocktail At the end of the day, we landed on a strong mark, with a solid back story.

A Can you Can’t Pass Up

The challenge : Create a can that consumers can’t resist picking up and taking home.

We ultimately landed on a matte black can with neon accent colors. This was paired with etched drawings that were created to pair with each flavor. Those etchings are cut through the label, revealing the metallic can lying underneath.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

For this brand, teasing the market prior to the official launch was key to getting in the retailers we were aiming for. The proof of concept at this stage lie in both the samples we were able to share and the community we  generated online. By showing the engagement potential consumers already shared with the brand, we increased the chances of retailers allowing us a space on the shelf.

With sample cans in hand, we set out to capture imagery for the brand. We paired these shots with 3D renders and graphic content to create the feed you see here.

Designing for Web

Once the can was final and off to TTB for approvals, we set out to generate designs for what the digital presence of this brand would embody. From wire frame sketches to XD mock ups we brought the essence of the can design to life in the digital world. Pairing subtle animations with photo-realistic renders and subtle overlays, we created a presence for the brand that was ownable and engaging for consumers

If you are looking to bring a brand to life, no matter how big or how small, give us a call!

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