JLC Brands

It started with a coffee

and ended with a perfect little brand!

Jordan came to us looking to develop a brand for herself. As her family grew, she found herself loving the stay at home mommy life and sharing with other moms the brands she had discovered and grown to love along the way. Her passion for brands and her background of years in fashion made her the perfect brand ambassador. She quickly found herself partnering with brands to not only share their stories to her community of peers but also to represent them at MART and with buyers throughout the country. As her little company began to grow, she realized she needed a few things to make sharing her story a little easier. That’s where that first coffee came in and the rest is history!

We partnered with Jordan to name her company, to develop the brand look and feel and to tell that story to the market. Take a look at some of the assets we generated for her personal brand and how we brought those to life.

It all started with these fun patterns! Jordan wanted something inspired by the palm beach lifestyle and we think these custom patterns captured that perfectly! We picked a fresh, youthful color palette and paired it with hand drawn illustrations that all bring to life a playful lifestyle.


We took those precious patterns and built out a system of business cards.
And then we added a set of notecards to make leaving little notes for clients and friends simple and memorable.


Then, we generated a website that kept things short and sweet but oh so adorably branded. It gives a glimpse into what Jordan can do for brands but doesn’t give away the whole story all at once.