Instagram’s Never Ending Updates

It almost seems like everyday there is some sort of new update to social media on one of the platforms. Lately, there have been some changes to Instagram that we (and everyone else) seem to be noticing that are very similar to other social channels. We can’t say we are mad about the changes, however, it does through a small wrench in your daily scroll through when you come across these changes.

Just in the past couple of weeks we have seen these roll out over (most) of our clients’ instagram accounts. Apparently, this hasn’t hit every account yet, which is a tad frustrating when managing these. Just in the past few weeks we now have:

1) Shop-able posts where you are able to click within a post and get sent directly to purchase that top you’ve been wanting. Sound a little bit like Pinterest’s buyable pins…?!

2) Stories can be sent to specific people rather than just to all of your followers. Hello, snapchat features!

3) You can reply directly to a comment in a post or like a specific user’s comment in a post within a post. Facebook, good to see ya! OR if you don’t want comments turned on at all, feel free to turn those guys off.

4) Go on and save images or videos to a certain private section on your feed so you can see it over and over again, like your favorite drink recipe.

5) Want to go live in your insta story? Now you can, just like Facebook Live, see users joining your live video story and commenting as you are live.

6) If you’re feeling festive this holiday season, add some stickers and geo-tags to your stories. You can also go hands-free to snag that perfect picture of everyone having so much fun at your holiday part-ay.

Ya, we know. It sounds very much like pinterest, snapchat and Facebook features. Which to us, only means that now these channels will continue to update their platforms to make sure that they are staying relevant. It appears social will be a never ending update for the foreseeable future which means that more than ever social is an absolute must in your marketing strategy of your company and necessary to stay on top of!