Brand Launch – The Honey Pot Company


Brand Launch | The Honey Pot Company


Look out ladies, a fresh new face just hit the feminine hygiene aisle. We have to say, it’s about TIME brands started putting a little personality and a few smiles down that aisle. To be honest, that’s a huge part of what made us want to partner on this brand launch. Of course, we have a pretty heavily female office which didn’t hurt. But, in reality, it was the change to give a much needed makeover to a not-so-happy product category. This had us brainstorming our hearts out in the spirit of bringing some personality to the space.

We worked with the team at Honey Pot to generate a brand identity that would resonate with consumers and big box retailers. Throughout the brand launch, we helped build a brand identity from their logo to their brand colors to icons and packaging design. We built a system for the products that helps organize and inform consumers in a way that is light hearted, honest and friendly. Also, dare we say, “pretty” (a word that is far from common in this product category). Today, the brand can be found brightening the shelves of Target and Whole Foods. It can also be found online on their website.

So, when you find yourself dashing down that aisle, pick up a package of HoneyPot.  You can walk to that checkout with pride knowing you have the prettiest little product sitting in your cart!