Hit an Earthquake in Style

There is a place for good branding everywhere… even natural disasters.

As we gear up for another fun filled year, some of us take a moment to assess and plan for the months ahead. As part of that prepping, us lovely bay area folks can’t deny the possibility of another lovely earthquake raring its ugly head from the rumblings deep below. So, when we stumbled upon this stylish alternative to the backpack shoved in the back corner of our closet filled with the mandatory items like water, band-aids, flash lights and good old cash we had to share. I mean, who says earthquakes can’t have a little style.

Here are a few highlights from the Entrepreneur Article where we first discovered this little gem!

“Ryan Kuhlman, a film director, and Lauren Tafuri, a stylist and costume designer, founded Preppi, which makes stylish emergency survival kits packed with high-end items. They run the startup out of their downtown Los Angeles loft.

“Aha” moment: After experiencing a small earthquake in 2014, the couple realized they should have a kit of supplies at home for emergencies. “We started asking friends what they had in their earthquake kits and were quickly surprised how few of our friends had anything prepared at all. Of 10 friends, maybe one had an earthquake kit,” Kuhlman says.

Pre-packed kits sold at military surplus and sporting goods stores were pricey and didn’t have exactly what they needed, so they decided to make their own, packed with necessities recommended by the Red Cross and other organizations. They chose a stylish but utilitarian mason’s tool bag and loaded it up. It struck them that others might want to purchase such a product.

Be prepared: In March 2014, the couple launched Preppi by posting a mock-up for The Prepster, their concept for a chic earthquake kit, on Instagram. Within five days they were contacted by an editor for a Dutch magazine, Fantastic Man. It was then they realized they had to turn their Photoshopped idea into reality.

They found a bag maker in their industrial neighborhood to stitch three bags; the first Prepster sold a few weeks later.” –Entrepreneur

Now who out there is doubting the power of good ole instagram now! It’s the place where beautiful images are shared and apparently new companies are born.

Go get yours today! Preppi.com


Images courtesy of Preppi.