Happy Birthday to… US!

5 years ago, a humble little agency opened up the doors to its tiny (very, very tiny) studio in San Francisco’s Marina district.

5 years can seem like a long time when you’re us. And, actually, it probably feels like a long time ago when you’re you. Can you even remember when THIS was your phone:

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.47.38 PM

Now dig deep and try to recall the day when your friend was like, “Hey, there’s this cool new app called Instagram. You should try it. I only have like 3 friends right now, so you should TOTALLY try it. They have lots of neat-o filters that make your crappy phone pictures look amaze-sauce.” That’s right, in October, 2010, not only did people say words like “amaze-sauce,” but Instagram was BORN. (And so were we.)

Speaking of things that didn’t exist before we did: Warby Parker is another awesome brand that we share a birthday with. Can you even remember what you put on your face to see clearly before Warby Parker? Who would go back to a time when you had ONE pair of glasses that you got from your DOCTOR? Crazy talk.

Also, the iPad came out in 2010, dazzling us all with the magical world of the touch screen! Now if we tap a screen and it doesn’t do something, we’re confused.

Other awesome things about the year we were born? Lots of good stuff for advertising. Seriously. Huge, ground breaking creative. Like, Old Spice Guy huge. No, seriously. 5 years ago, you saw Old Spice Guy for the very first time in a Super Bowl spot. “I’m on a horse.”


Other notable events in 2010: HTML 5, the Chilean Miner rescue, the BP oil spill. It was also the last year of Oprah and The Office.

Now, Prince William and Kate Middleton (engaged in 2010) may have 2 babies to show for these past 5 years, but WE’VE got more than 30 accounts, 6 awesome creative humans on our in-house team, and 2 beautiful studios – one with a Golden Gate Bridge view and one in the ATL. In 2010, we were primarily a print agency, but now we do all kinds of stuff: websites, (and more websites, and MORE websites), videos for wine brands, videos for universities, animated videos, broadcast commercials, photography, and radio.

If you ask us, it looks like maybe we beat the Royal Couple.

Turns out, 5 years is a pretty big deal! And to celebrate, we are going to spend the month of October sharing something we love EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some of these things help us get through the work day, some of these things help us get over a creative hump, some of these things represent our favorite places to “ideate,” some of these things keep us organized.

Birthdays are for doing what you love, right? Well, here at Campbell Creative, we get to do just that every single day! We wouldn’t be here today without all of our amazing clients, past and present, who took a leap of faith, jumped on board, and discovered what it is like to work with an agency that truly believes in the power of partnership.

(For further proof that we love what I do, check out this BTS video from one of our favorite commercial shoots!)