Grow Financial Product Videos

From little things, big things grow.
For us, that meant some big FUN.

It was entertaining as usual partnering with the team at grow financial to extend our Q1 campaign into some mini animated videos to highlight top products and services on their social media channels. While these videos may appear short and sweet and to the point, projects like this don’t just happen in a couple days. There is a process to make sure not only are the videos fun and engaging but that they are factual AND legally complaint. These are all very important things when you are working in the financial sector.

We start things out by confirming with the marketing team, the key bullet points we need to communicate and the legal copy we need to include. Then we generate scripts for each video that contain this content as well as content that will resonate with the target audience. At that point we check back in with the Grow Financial compliance team to make sure we are still within the legal parameters of what we can and can’t say. Once we have the green light on scripts, it is off to storyboarding!

The storyboarding phase is where the words and visuals collide, bringing the video concept to life. Once these are laid out by our design team, we regroup with design and animation to ensure the vision of the designers is translated to our animators. Then it’s off to animation! That’s where things really come to life. Our animation team is one of a kind. They can take the design intent, the time parameters of the video and the legal must haves and make magic happen. They can do this in a way that catches the viewers attention and manages to make them S-M-I-L-E while learning about finances…. now when is the last time you have seen that happen?

Take a look at 4 of the product videos below and keep an eye out for these and others trickling through @growfinancial.

Cashback Checking:



Certificate Account:



Credit Card Balance Transfer: