Why Great Packaging Matters

Life In The Land of Retail

Did you know that 64% of consumers will buy a product off a shelf because of looks alone?

Yep – Guilty as charged. Sometimes we are just suckers for a pretty little package.

What makes you pick up a product? Of course there are those brands you know and love and probably have for years… but what makes you pick up something new? With the shelves packed with options we either choose a brand we know, or we choose a package that resonates with us. A brand, that from the looks of it alone, communicates that we should like it. We are either attracted to or dismiss a product in sheer seconds without ever looking back. We do this by taking a quick glance at the shape, size, font, color and messaging

Yes, it may be what’s inside that counts. But, clearly looks can make or break it for a brand when it comes to purchasing.

Successful brands recognise that all products are competing for a few short seconds of attention. They know that to be successful, they must have a distinctive point of view and be able to express their clear and unique reason for being. Effective packaging makes it easy for consumers to understand at a glance : who I am, what I am, and why I am relevant to your life. Naturally, the product has to deliver on its promise to ensure repeat purchase. But, to make the shift from on the shelf into your cart, something about that packaging has to connect with you as a consumer.

Life in The World of E-Commerce

Did you know that packaging is ranked as the highest determining factor for repeat online purchases?

It makes sense if you think about it. When it comes to online shopping, the arrival of your package is the first tangible interaction you have with a brand. If that experience is a positive, unique, and most importantly memorable one, consumers are inclined to repeatedly engage with the brand. In fact, research shows that the experience of receiving and opening a product with beautiful packaging drives brand loyalty. It increases brand awareness more than anything else that brand may do in the world of e-commerce.

In fact, people love to talk about great packaging on social media via unboxing videos or Instagram photos. Because of both the packaging and its contents, consumers are excited to receive them. They want to share their experience with friends.

So what does this mean for you and your brand?

If you are a new brand, it means you need to take a look at not only the competitive landscape but the latest trends in packaging overall. Then you need to step up your game to make sure you are providing an experience for your consumers that not only gets you into their cart but that keeps them coming back again and again. If you can then layer on a uniquely branded experience that they want to share with friends, you have tipped the scales in your favor and set yourself up for a win.

If you are an existing brand, it’s never a bad idea to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Is your brand living up to the expectations you had when you launched it? Think about who your brand is now in terms of what it promises to your consumers. Have those consumers possibly shifted? Do you see whitespace in the market that you could grow your brand? Sometimes, it is a simple shift in presentation that allows you to get an amazing product into the hands of buyers who never even noticed you before.

Take a look at a favorite rebrand of ours, HoneyPot Co.

This brand was never lacking in the quality of the products they offered. In terms of the “it’s whats inside that counts” measurement, they were hitting a home run. However, their distribution and the share of the market they were able to capture was limited by the initial presentation of the packaging. Some of the packaging looked too home-made to gain the trust of consumers. While others were too generic and easily glossed over or worse, seen as a cheap product.

Packaging Before :


HoneyPot came to us with one goal in mind. To enhance their visual brand to allow them to better tap into their target consumer. We were able to create a package that was easily recognizable by generating a consistent brand identity. By creating a system of colors and numbers we were able to create a positive brand experience for consumers. Pairing these with a modern, clean design and fresh copy, we were able to present the same great product in a way that immediately drove sales. This allowed the brand to gain entry into credible big box retailers like Target and Whole Foods.

Take a look and see why packaging design can not only drives sales but can open doors.

Packaging After :