GH Mumm’s Window Displays




We spent the last week before Thanksgiving in New York installing holiday displays for the team at GH Mumm. How great is our job that we get to design and build out storefront window displays for some of the best champagne around? We definitely weren’t complaining.

When you get the creative brief from the brand team and the mandatories are Usain Bolt featured as the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) and lots of Champagne – you know the project is going to be a good one!

We didn’t waste any time getting these from concept to execution in order to meet the holiday schedule. We measured each window and started designing the creative for each specific display opportunity. Each store window display had its own components based on their sizes. GH Mumm has a total of 5 window displays in New York this fall and they consist of anything from a single oversized window graphic to boxes, magnum bottles, and lighting.

If you happen to see Usain Bolt in a life size version as you are walking the streets of NYC, then you just might be looking at one of our favorite window displays!