Facebook Messenger For the Win

At our latest social conference, we heard a lot of talk about companies messaging customers through Facebook Messenger to provide a better, more intimate experience once they’ve made a purchase. However, we had not actually experienced this new phenomenon until this past week. We were shopping on ban.do for some exciting props for our upcoming headshots (stay tuned for these!). Once the items were purchased, we received an order confirmation sent to Facebook Messenger. Normally, your order confirmation and any tracking information are sent directly to your email. Companies have picked up on this trend in order to get out of the everyday spam of emails. It is basically a direct line to your customer, a place to ask all questions and track your order all in one place. Shopify and Facebook are partnering together to help make this communication easier for companies.

Immediately after we submitted our order, ban.do sends the order confirmation as a message through Facebook, telling us to communicate with them directly through Messenger if we need any assistance. As the order is processed, ban.do sends automatic updates through Messenger when the package initially ships, when it is out for shipment that day to our office, and when it is actually delivered. We won’t lie, we were a little skeptical about this at first, but with our crazy schedules, it was actually really delightful to get all of our information for the shipment in one location.

img_7513 img_7515

There are a few other features within Facebook Messenger that are sure to be a win for everyone that are popping up more frequently. Facebook “bots” or robots are becoming increasingly popular, allowing a company to become more ‘personal’ and provide a quicker response time. Companies are able to add links to their Facebook ads that direct people to their messenger bots which can now include a ‘buy now’ button that has been added so you never EVER have to leave the app if you want to buy a product.

We’re a little surprised more companies have not jumped on this opportunity. In the world of wanting it yesterday or even last week, customer service has to be on top of its game. This is an opportunity for competitors to get ahead and put in a strategy that works best for their company. This may not work for everyone but we think it’s worth talking about.