Mail Packaging for The Chestee

The Chestee’s Mailer Design


When one of your #bosslady friends comes to you with an amazing product and asks for help, you jump on board! We had a blast partnering wtih Nicole Biscuti, founder and inventor of The Chestee, to develop a soft sided mailer for her product.

The Chestee concept was born out of competition about 6 years ago. Today, they offer the first patent-pending solution to a very common problem. The built-in collarbone guard is designed to help protect athletes against bruising from barbell impact. It is offered in a variety of stylish designs, colors, and patterns. All the while it remains at an affordable price so athletes have the freedom of selecting more than just one.

Since most of The Chestee’s orders come from, she wanted to make sure that her products were arriving in a premium packaging. Packaging that reflected the quality of her product while speaking the brand voice at every touchpoint. We met with Nicole, reviewed her ideas and gained an understanding of the needs the mailer needed to serve. Then, we sourced a few samples and got to work. Sometimes one piece can really change how a consumer views your product. From the second they receive a product in the mail, they are secretly (or maybe not so secretly a la social media) judging the presentation. We gave The Chestee a mailer that met the need and delivered on the brand message.

For all you athletes and CrossFit-ers, make sure you head over to to purchase one or two for yourself. This is a product you will be thanking yourself for down the road.