Boca Regional Hospital adds an Urgent Care

It’s highly unlikely that anyone wakes up in the morning bursting with excitement to visit an Urgent Care, or any doctor’s office for that matter. The places are always so cold, so sterile and presumed to be crawling with germs. The idea of it makes most of us anxious to get in and out as fast as possible. So, if you’re anything like us, when you find yourself sitting in a waiting room you are rarely caught thinking WOW this place really looks great. Right? When does that happen? Well, we are here to tell you, there’s a new Urgent Care in town and it just so happens to be the best looking one around. Every detail was considered in creating this space with one goal in mind… to be anything but the expected.

When Boca Raton Regional Hospital asked us to partner with them to bring their new urgent care to life, we couldn’t have been more eager to accept the challenge. Converting an old BLOCKBUSTER into an urgent care from start to finish was a project we welcomed. First, we walked the empty space with the client and imagined “what could be”. Our team watched new walls appear, new flooring get put in and walls get painted. We worked directly with their doctors and their team throughout the design process. Ensuring that the space was more than an urgent care, we wanted it to be an experience worth talking about. It was a space that was memorable from the moment you opened the door.

The east Boca location is near the ocean in a trendier part of the city. This means we were able to incorporate some of those ocean accents throughout the space. We wanted to keep it bright, fresh, and clean feeling from the moment you walk in. The lobby lets in natural light which illuminates a large ocean wallpaper where dimensional letters welcome you in. Throughout the space, you will see other large custom graphics including palm leaves, beach landscape and calming waves. To continue to infuse the modern, natural theme within the space, we partnered with our sister company, GrainGloss. They brought in custom furniture pieces that combined natural textures with gloss white finishes.

While we wouldn’t want to say we are hoping you visit soon… we will say that if you happen to be in need of some “urgent care” and are in the south Florida area, you definitely need to go check out this location on Palmetto Park Rd and Dixie.

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