Animated Social Content

Let’s Talk about Video Content

As the world of social media continues to evolve in its capabilities, we as users have to showcase ourselves, our brands and our creativity. It is important that brands stop, look up, and see what new opportunities are available to tell their brand’s story. We believe in looking at every social media channel. We examine what is working best and generate content that speaks to that medium and that audience. As a result, this past year we have found ourselves generating our fair share of video content for the various brands we represent.

Why the shift?

Because visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Also, a video contains thousands more opportunities to gather information than a static image. In fact, the number of video posts per account has increased in the last year by 94%. When given the choice, 80% of people say they would prefer video as a way to learn about a brand or product. Clearly, video is making its mark on the social landscape. It’s fastly becoming something that all brands should not just be thinking about, but should actively be creating regularly as part of their branded content.

Ok, so you are on the video bus…
but what makes a video successful?

Here are a few key things that will help ensure your audience gets your message:

Short and Sweet : Keep your video under a minute, after that viewings drop off dramatically

Silence is Golden : Provide subtitles or closed-captioning so viewers can enjoy your video even if their phone is on mute

Don’t Forget the Story : Show mini clips of your videos or behind the scenes as instagram stories

Be Entertaining : This doesn’t mean you have to be funny necessarily but it does mean you need to present your message in a way that is visually engaging. What can we say, we as people love being entertained.

Does it have to be a video in the traditional sense?

Not at all! We have found that it is more about engaging content that is appropriate for your message. Some of our brands have mini animated videos that last only a few seconds while others have traditional videos that are filmed. Sometimes they last up to a minute and some even work in a series like mini chapters. It is more about choosing the right medium to tell the message to your audience. Sometimes it is simply about creating a mini video to celebrate an event. Other times you are trying to showcase a product’s benefits in which case it may take a longer format. First, determine your message and then choose how best to bring it to life.

Take a look at some of the videos we have recently created. If they inspire you to create something of your own, reach out and let’s talk!

Grow Financial – Holiday:



UNBOUND – Tradeshow:



Frangelico – Educational:



Grow Financial – Products:



The Reset – Products:



Mumm Napa – Educational / Brand:



Dynamite Decals – How To:



Grow Financial – Holiday: