Alabama Power : DSC Environmental Branding

Environmental Branding at Alabama Power 

We are talking about their environmental (SPACE) branding at Alabama Power. We couldn’t have asked for a better launch into the Alabama market than partnering with some of the NICEST people at Alabama Power. We worked together in the Digital Strategy and Communication department to determine a vision for the space and an underlying theme that would run throughout the space. The space needed to inspire their team to remain creative and energized on a daily basis.

Our first tour of the space revealed a blank canvas filled with potential… well, atleast that is what we saw. They saw a little more of a drab working environment that was desperate for a refresh. The next few weeks were spent collaborating on concepts. We built on ideas that ultimately landed on the space you see here. From graphic maps highlighting the key areas to presentations bringing to life what was possible, when we thought a little outside the proverbial box… we created a space for their team that left them energized to say the least.

In this space, it was all about designing something custom for them. We built upon the conceptual theme that you must continue to change or you’ll die as a brand (hence; Napster, MySpace, Blackberry, Kodak, etc). We brought that notion to life throughout the space. At the same time, we were able to weave in elements from the team that allowed them to literally be a physical part of the end result.

Take a look at what’s possible when you let yourself have a little FUN.

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