Adobe MAX 2016

Adobe, can we just say …. WOW.

There’s something about surrounding yourself with over 10,000 creatives that sets the tone for one hell of an inspiring week. Layer on top of that a little Zac Posen, Quentin Tarantino, Lynsey Addario, Janet Echelman, Bart Simpson and Alabama Shakes and you have an experience that catapults you back into the world of new ideas and creative thinking. Each one of these shared experiences, advice, and a behind the scenes look at who they are and what inspires them. Which, we have to say, was quite inspiring in and of itself. They also shared how they are using the Adobe software to do things that literally WHO KNEW was possible! Did you know you can Live Chat with Bart Simpson? Well, you can and we did!

Every year Adobe raises the bar with its annual Adobe Max conference. The crowd of creatives continues flocks to share in the experience grows and grows. We spent 3 days soaking up “how to do it better / smarter / easier” classes that were sprinkled with amazing talent. They changed perspectives, reshaped approaches and refocused us on why we love what we do. Because it is FUN!

I mean, check out this amazing installation flown in from London and designed by Janet Echelman for the bash. Made entirely of string, it takes on the texture and light of surrounding objects, allowing you to literally watch the wind.


While we can’t cram all our learnings into one post, we did want to share a few things with you that we are over the moon excited about. Adobe is introducing more and more to the ever growing box of creative tools and these are a few of our favorites…

Adobe XD
This UX platform is getting a new set of capabilities that literally had us saying OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT! Let’s just say it is going to become a new staple around our offices for generating interactive UX design that will not only make communicating with clients easier, but incorporating global changes is something that will leave you speechless in the jew dropping kind of way.

Adobe Premier Pro
In an effort to embrace the ways of the future, they are adding a one stop exporting feature. This generates assets appropriate for all your favorite social channels in the click of a button. No need to reformat over and over… They are taking care of that one for you.

The Creative Cloud
If you aren’t storing your team files on the cloud, start testing it out. So many of the capabilities coming out on the various adobe platforms tap into the shared files on the cloud to make editing, licensing and creating that much more streamlined.

We also spent literally hours talking to brands and vendors within the community pavilion.  Did you know you can get a 3D scan and a machine can literally produce a figurine of you…. on the spot? or that you can screen print a T-shirt that dries before you make it to the next booth? From spending time working on our favorite swan float to getting professional pictures shot to making posters with Netflix to generating a crazy amount of hands-on creative crafts we would never have dreamed of I would say MAX was worth its wait in gold. We are informed, inspired and geeked up and ready to get creating that next great thing.


MAX 2017…. Sign us up!